Fashion Summit (HK) 2021
Hanbo Group provides apparel supply chain management services for woven wear (such as shirts, pants, jeans and jackets) and accessories. This includes sourcing of raw materials and third-party manufacturers, sample creation, product design and development, production management, merchandising, quality control, logistics management and sustainability compliance services. It considers that not only buyers but also factories and suppliers are the customers. The Group adopts a risk management framework in our services by identifying, assessing, managing and controlling potential supply chain risks. To achieve these, the Group invests and deploys IT in the supply chain process to track and trace physical materials, document data and fund flows, and has been providing financing to support our customers. Recently the Group also responds to the increasing ESG demand from our customers by pledging signature at the Summit to the United Nations’ Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action in 2019, and investing in IoT to better monitor the ESG data of the Group as well as factories and suppliers.