Fashion Summit (HK) 2021
Wing Tai Enterprises Limited

Wing Tai Headquarter has been established and developed in Hong Kong for nearly 70 years. The group has three listed companies, Wing Tai Properties Ltd., Wing Tai Holdings Ltd. (Singapore) and Wing Tai Malaysia (Malaysia), located in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia respectively; the market value and the total annual revenue of each company is approximately 8.4 billion and 1.4 billion Hong Kong dollars, 1.8 billion and 1 billion Singapore dollars; 800 million and 400 million Malaysian dollars respectively.

The Hong Kong Wing Tai Group has started to specialize in real estate development and property management since 1996; and projects covering Hong Kong, China, UK and USA. In addition, its clothing and textile business has got its own factories in Southeast Asia and Africa, with total area of around 127,000 square meters, a total of 7,800 employee and an annual output of about 32 million pieces.

Wing Tai Holdings Ltd. (Singapore) entered the real estate market of Singapore in 1978 and then engaged in Malaysia, China and Hong Kong. The group has developed over 100 projects in these areas through the Wing Tai Asia brand.